Social Media Marketing – Nimble’s PII Approach

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

The objective for social media must be a marketing result so it should be thought of as social media marketing.  At Nimble Worldwide we get consumers, customers, prospects and their universe of connections to learn and interact with your brand.  Larger social channels such as Facebook are morphing into marketing platforms that can deliver an expanding array of paid services.  Understanding the limits of social channels and combining them with new and emerging services is a key to maximizing results.

Social Landscape

Social media marketing is a fluid environment with changing channels and metrics.  The array of channels for social media marketing continues to expand as new players enter the market and existing players add services to remain relevant.  Like most technology, there are early adopters that migrates to new options and a mainstream set that stays with existing programs.  The key here is to identify two critical elements:

  • Who are your trying to reach with your social effort?
  • Where can you find them?

The answers to these two questions drive channel selection and messaging.  Then, and only then, do you select the appropriate social media channels for YOUR audience.

Social Media The Nimble Way

Content is the currency of social media marketing.  Good content is reflected on, shared, commented on, clicked and creates action.  Social media marketing can be the front lines of customer service, exceptional attention to issues that arise create a powerful positive halo. Simply taking the time to thank people for participating and visiting your channels delivers meaningful impact.

At Nimble Worldwide we employ our PII™ approach to help develop the right content strategy for clients.  Want to get lucky with social media? Luck is for losers. Let PII help you create a successful program.  There are three fundamental elements to any content strategy:

  • Promotion: encourages people to act, delivers an offer or incentive, and creates a sense of exclusivity.
  • Information: communicates specific details, dives deeper into the subject matter,
  • Inspiration: Drives emotional connections, explains why and how,

All social marketing programs must contain all three types of content. Nimble Worldwide will customized your PII™ based on relevant objectives, audience and channels.


Social media marketing is both a quantitative and qualitative exercise. Depending on the business involved it can be evaluated on both a specific ROI basis or on a more qualitative trend analysis. No other marketing channel provides such unfiltered access to customers and consumers and their thinking about products, services and ideas.

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