Engagement Marketing Through Gravity

engagement marketing

Case for Engagement Marketing

Engagement marketing is a strategy that directly engages consumers and invites them to participate in the sales process.  Instead of seeing customers as passive consumers, engagement marketing agencies believe companies should be actively involved in the purchase process.  Many companies today find it challenging to move to a true one-to-one consumer personalized communication in a real-time context.

Nimble’s Engagement Marketing Approach

Unlike other engagement marketing agencies in Dallas, at Nimble Worldwide we take the challenge out of the equation altogether.  Through gravity marketing we place you in the consumer process and help pull customers towards your company.  At Nimble we use email and social media to place your company into the heart of the communication process with your target market.  We approach engagement marketing by connecting you with consumers in the following ways:

As Individual People

Consumers today demand communications that speak to them as individuals, and regardless of what industry you are in.  Nimble Worldwide will help your company be well versed on your buyers’ individual preferences, history, relationship with your company, stage in the buying journey, and more.

Based on Their Behavior

At Nimble Worldwide we go past demographics and see consumers based on behaviors.  Behaviors reveal consumers’ actual interests.  With our comprehensive analysis, we move your company towards the right individuals based on how they act and behave.

Over Their Lifetimes

Engagement marketing is a continuous process that should feel like a natural conversation with your customer. The more time companies devote to the conversation, the better they know their customers, and the deeper the relationships can grow. Through our tools and expertise, we’ll keep you connected at every stage of the customer’s lifetime.

Everywhere People Go

Customers are everywhere—online and offline, consumers today move seamlessly from one channel to the next without losing momentum, and from whatever device is most handy. To meet your customers wherever they are, engagement marketing agencies need to deliver an integrated message across every single platform.  Nimble Worldwide has the tools and expertise to help you communicate your message to your customers.

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